My Journey of Moving into Holy Relationship with Nature

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On a gorgeous June day in 2017, a small group of us graduated from a 12-month apprenticeship in dowsing and geomancy. At the very end of our weekend at a Napa County ranch, our teacher Richard Feather Anderson announced, “I now pronounce you Geomancers, 24-7! Go forth and heal the Earth!” With that proclamation, we laughed, hugged, and promised to keep in touch as we headed our separate ways. As I walked to my car, I asked myself, “Now what?”

The 3-hour return drive to my home in the Sierra foothills of northern California gave me plenty of time to reflect upon my next steps toward becoming a confident dowser and geomancy practitioner. Through our apprenticeship, I had learned to identify subtle earth forces. I had practiced moving water veins, which let me know so much more was possible. I was especially drawn to the “earth spirit healing†facet of geomancy. Hearing the proclamation, “Geomancer 24-7!” sparked my dreams of forming a dowsing practice and earth spirit healing consultancy, based upon principles of spiritual ecology, to help others improve their relationships with their places.

Healing Begins at Home

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Like my co-graduates, I started by discovering what was available and needed at my own home place. As my practice evolved, I learned from multiple teachers how to use various tools, including dowsing, space clearing, sound healing and other intuitive approaches. I practiced until I was adept with them.

I was turning my attention toward living in partnership with the magnificent forces of Nature and Gaia’s many helping spirits. When I practice what I call ‘spiritual ecology’, I do it with heartfelt honor and awe for the Spirits of Place, serving in respectful partnership with them.

Most  of Earth Spirit Healing is relationship healing. My husband and I had built our house before I knew to confer with the nature spirits at our homesite’s location. I had not yet learned to ask Nature what it wanted, so we cleared vegetation and graded for a large concrete foundation solely focused on the building’s architectural design. As part of my growing into my spiritual ecology mission, I asked for forgiveness from the spirits of place at my home site in the gold rush country — where the land has endured and continues to hold much historical trauma.

Living in Partnership with Nature as a Way of Life

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My apology was accepted, and our friendship deepened. The helping spirits guided me to come into attunement and alliance with them by performing repeated clearings and blessings. I did this daily, often with a  ritual of absolution and blessing at the riverfront by my house. I asked the trees if they wanted copper antennas to increase their chi, and I installed them as requested. I asked for and received direction about planting and growing a vegetable garden. Nine-foot tall abundant tomato plants were one of the results of our partnership. Most wonderfully, my stress level went down as the land’s historic trauma was lifted, replaced by a warm feeling of being welcomed home by the hills, trees and water and spirits around me.

Increased Joy, Health, and Prosperity for All

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The most significant result of all my cooperative work is a secure knowingness and joyful connection with the place I call home. I feel protected and supported by my partner, Nature. Now, the land loves me back. My ongoing efforts to live in co-creative partnership with the spirits of place has resulted in my increased health, improved finances, and feeling of long-term balance and harmony.

I now feel that I am a Geomancer 24-7, and can help others achieve these same benefits — while also nourishing the Nature around us. If having your land love you back appeals to you, I love to hear about your special place. Contact me here for a 30-minute complimentary consultation.