How the Spirit of Place Consulting Process Works 

Step 1: Conversation

I invite you to a complimentary conversation with me to discuss your needs and determine the best next steps for you and your domain.

During our conversation I will ask you a number of questions to better understand what is going on and how you want to use the space.

This is an illuminating process to discuss items such as: How does your kitchen make you feel? What makes your property distinctive, cherished or problematic? Is there any part of your land that you avoid?

Through our conversation I will offer a strategic plan for how we can work together.

If you would like to continue, we will discuss options and fees, and the agreement to get started.

Step 2: Discovery

If you are located in the greater Sacramento area, I will come and visit the property to observe how the energy is moving through the space. 

We will explore what’s most important to you and what’s going on with your land and we will set clear intentions in connection with the natural stream of energies.

For those who are not in my locale, I will conduct discovery remotely using photographs, Google Earth aerials of the property and on-line Zoom meetings.

Step 3: Preparation and Strategy

If I have questions after my review of your space, we will connect again to clarify everything before I begin facilitating the work.


Step 4: Environmental Transformation

 From this point forward, I generally conduct the Environmental Transformation work (clearing, blessing and grounding) long distance from my office. I use dowsing and other intuitive methods to communicate with my helping spirits, and to establish a line of communication with the guardians and spirits of the land. This is often an iterative process.

Step 6: Deeper Transformation

If your life calls for a grounded space that reflects your love of nature and restores the vitality of clearly flowing energy, I invite you to work more closely with me. This will involve multiple site visits, iterative clearings, blessings and grounding sessions, tune-ups, and mentoring. Over the course of a 3-4 month interactive program, you will have the opportunity to create and sustain the desired vibrational qualities of your personal Eden.

Step 5: Completion

Once the transformational work has been satisfactorily completed, I will email a summary report to you. We will set up a follow-up call to discuss any experiences and questions you may have.

Step 7: Let's Get Started

I invite you to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with me (Step 1).

You can contact me using my CONTACT FORM, and make sure to include your phone number so I can call you back.

Or you can reach me by phone ~ kindly leave a voicemail if I’m out on a whitewater kayaking adventure ~ at (916) 990-1812.