Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by “Spirit of Place�

A “spirit of place†means that special something that tells you that you couldn’t be anywhere else. Another term for Spirit of Place is genius loci, the prevailing character or atmosphere of a place.

For me, place means the collective, multi-dimensional, seen and unseen conscious energies of land, water, directions, individuals, communities and watersheds. Each place has its own interactive network of residents, ancestors, plants, animals, systems, and nature running its countless unseen conscious frequencies. Systems that interact with other place components can include human, ecological and utility systems: road access/circulation, water supply, legal, financial, business, ecological, communication and electrical transmission systems.

Imagine all those place-based energies displayed on a three-dimensional mind map, then add additional layers to represent the spiritual dimensions of that location.

That’s a quick description and mental image to express what Spirit of Place means to me. See the Blogs on this website for more discussion on this and related topics.

What is Spirit of Place Consultancy?

My Spirit of Place – Environmental Transformations practice has grown organically from integrating and expanding my educational and life experiences. I have combined my lifelong fascination with metaphysics and sacred locations, the balance of university education and conventional practice in landscape planning, along with the magic of what wild rivers and mentors have taught me, to help others to achieve harmony, security and vitality. It is based upon practical quantum truths.

What are the Earth Spirit Healing Principles?

As I work at a location, I operate based upon these “Earth Spirit Healing Principles”

Principle 1 – Everything is energy – each of us our own galaxy, each of us our own microscopic element of the Milky Way and beyond.

Principle 2 – Everything is connected; We are all connected; we are One.

Principle 3 – We can move and transmute inter-connected energies, because we are One in resonance with them.

Learn more about my services here.

What are the Five Components of the Earth Spirit Healing Approach?

Using my decades of experience as a landscape architect, environmental planner and project manager I take you through key steps to develop a custom strategy for your place. I use what I call the Five Components of the Earth Healing Approach to guide your journey.

Discovery and Assessment ~ What’s most important to you and what’s going on with your land?

Strategy and Preparation ~ Setting clear intentions in connection with the natural stream of energies

Clearing ~ Identification and release of non-beneficial energies

Physical and Energetic Corrections ~ After a site is cleared of non-beneficial energies, it’s time to ask for the beneficial energies to fill the gap

Operations and Maintenance ~ keep the energy flowing by establishing mutually beneficial relationships with Tree Spirits, House Devas and other Nature Allies

These are explained in detail during our first private session together.


What results can I expect?

When we work together to connect you to your Spirit of Place you will have the opportunity to:

  • Initiate a new relationship of cooperation and harmony with your home, workshop and gardens
  • Release geopathic stuck energies from your land, water and home and clear non-beneficial energetic imprints of prior events, previous residents and countless ancestors
  • Infuse flowing, upgraded life force energy throughout your places
  • Improve health and happiness of you and plant/animal inhabitants of your land
  • Establish a business more quickly or create a homier environment for you
  • More easily produce results in any area of your life
How do I get started with you?

Let’s connect in a complimentary Discovery Session to determine the best program for you. Please contact me using my CONTACT FORM, and make sure to include your phone number so I can call you back. Or you can reach me by phone ~ or leave a voicemail if I’m out on a whitewater kayaking adventure ~ at (916) 990-1812.

What services do you offer?

Service #1 -  Urgent Help with Your Home, Workplace or Garden:

If you have an urgent situation with your home or workplace such as insomnia, lack of health or wealth, stress, or even ghosts or things that go bump in the night, I can quickly help you with an abbreviated version of my process that takes place remotely or on-site.

Service #2a -  Peaceful, Prosperous Places ~ Done for You

Experience on-call spiritual energy and peace with your home, garden and workshop. You don’t need to pilgrimage to holy spots or hike into wilderness areas in order to experience your own harmonious hive in direct relation with Gaia and your land’s nature spirits. This is for you if you would like transformational work completed turn-key, with low participation. Here are the expected results:

  • Release geopathic stuck energies from your land, water and home
  • Clear non-beneficial energetic imprints of prior events, previous residents and countless ancestors
  • Infuse flowing, upgraded life force energy throughout your land, water and home
  • Consecration of the revitalized energies that are harmonized with your property
  • Grounded harmony and balance, supported by the helping spirits of your own domain

Service #2b -  Peaceful, Prosperous Places ~ Done With You

If your life calls for connection and communion with a multi-purpose property that reflects your love of nature and enjoys the vitality of clearly flowing energy, I invite you to work more closely with me. This approach is for you if you would like to participate with your place’s transformational work, including connecting you with helpful Spirits to create a tangible harmony between you and your place energies.

The following results-oriented program includes multiple site visits, iterative clearings, blessings and grounding sessions, and sustainable outcomes. Lightworkers, and all landowners who love natural places can benefit from these results:

Includes Peaceful, Prosperous Places ~ Done for You, plus the opportunity to:

  • Establish a sustainable, grounded relationship with helpful Spirits of the unseen realms – wholy harmonized, fully integrated, mutually supportive
  • Enjoy connection and communion with your multi-purpose place that reflects your love of nature
  • Develop your Place kinship and its vitality of clearly flowing energy
  • Create and maintain the desired vibrational qualities of your personal Eden

Service #3 -  Uplift your Healing Work Space ~ Done With You

This program focuses upon serving lightworkers, healers and visionary entrepreneurs who need a high-vibration work space that renews and revitalizes themselves and their clients. If you are ready to develop a deeper relationship of cooperation and harmony with your workshop, massage studio or hypnotherapy office, this is for you. Together, we would harmonize and fine-tune your workplace over the course of several months, so that you can create and sustain clear, blessed space as needed for the work you do in the world.

Includes Peaceful, Prosperous Places ~ Done for You, plus:

  • Establish a holy relationship with your workplace – wholy harmonized, fully integrated, and mutually supportive
  • Develop place protocols for resonating on-call spiritual love and peace
  • Invite the Spirits of your Place into relationship as an energy that loves and supports you in the same way you love and support it.
How does your consulting process work?
The consulting process begins with a complementary discussion of your needs. After contracting for services, the next step is discovery of the energies that compose your property, followed by clarification of what is energetically happening. Environmental transformation and completion follow.

Learn more about my services here.

Do you work remotely or in person?

I can work with you remotely by telephone or Zoom. Or I can travel to your location in Northern California (travel fees apply).

What is space clearing and harmonizing?

A process of environmental identification and transformation, using intuitive skills, designed to release energetic patterns that do not serve the residents. These patterns can include non-beneficial energetic imprints of prior events, previous residents and ancestors.  Stress upon land, water and places can also result from changes in land uses, tree removal and other development activities.  After space clearing, a place’s story can be rewritten and reprogrammed in contemporary, appropriate and harmonious ways.

What is Geomancy?

Sig Lonegren, author of Spiritual Dowsing and the website, states: “Geomancy explores the realm where human consciousness meets and dialogues with the Spirit of the Earth. It empowers the harmonious interaction between person and place and can enhance spiritual growth†(source –
Sometimes referred to as Western Feng Shui, geomancy addresses the multi-dimensional relationships of people, animals, plants and places. It is not divination like use of tarot cards; instead it is better described as land whispering. For a geomancer, a place means the collective, multi-dimensional, seen and unseen conscious energies of land, water, individuals, communities and watersheds.

What is Earth Healing?

Earth Healing, or Earth Spirit Healing, is a facet of Geomancy or Western Feng Shui resulting in transformation of land, water and other environmental energies. Since the subtle life force energies of a location include human, nature, terrestrial, and celestial frequencies, this healing involves balancing and harmonizing seen and unseen elements.

This is done in resonance with divine energies.

According to The Twelve Branches of Geomancy by Richard Feather Anderson, Earth Healing, Geomancy branch number 7, is “Metaphysical procedures to adjust the subtle energetic vibrations of a place, to create an environment that is most conducive for the desired use of the place and the well-being of humans, plants and animals.†(source –

To conduct earth spirit healing and achieve geomantic harmony with nature entails focused human intention and support from conscious, helping spirits including the intelligence of Nature. For me, this begins by setting a clear intention to support the alignment and attunement of a place to its highest level of expression, for the Highest good of all concerned.

The process is initiated with a respectful request to the Divine for balancing of place-based subtle energies, in life-affirming love and gratitude for the good of the whole. This request, if affirmed, can be augmented by higher vibrational energies in the form of sacred geometry, light and sound, physical movement and/or emotional focus. Discernment of the quality, quantity, duration and type of energy attunement seems different for each situation, however the most critical ingredients for effective Earth Healing remain the same: focused human intention and Spirit to provide the power and flow of optimal frequency used for appropriate energetic transformations.

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is the term given to a search for information using the interaction of the mind of the dowser with the living life force (chi or prana) of an object of interest. According to the American Society of Dowsers website, dowsing is an age-old art tracing back to ancient times.

There are many indications that dowsing was practiced in the timeless past which can be inferred from various wall paintings, manuscripts, and ancient sites (
Dowsing is similar to muscle testing, channeling and other intuitive arts that involve the interaction of the bio-field of the dowser with the subtle vibrations of an object. Depending upon the capabilities of the practitioner, dowsing can be done with or without the assistance of a tool such as a forked stick or pendulum and can also be done remotely. I find dowsing is especially useful for practicing earth spirit healing because, skillfully conducted, it can be used for identifying, clearing, shifting and uplifting place-based life force energies.